A new doll-art on eBay this week.

Hello everyone,

Sorry to have taken so long for my next post but I have been down with a bad cold that turned into a sinus infection. Well, I will spare you the details. I hate to be sick and weak ;(

So, this time I just want to share my new one of a kind repaint doll-art. She was formerly a Festive Decadence, Agnes Von Weist Fashion Royalty doll. She is now reborn into Lizzy, a blue eye beauty. See below for a photo composite of her new look.

She is on eBay until Sunday April 12th.

Here is the link of her auction if you want to see more of her:

Lizzy Ebay Auction

Please click on the photo below to see original size:

Fashion Royalty Lizzy 15

Fashion Royalty:Lizzy Composit

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