First BLOG post.

For those of you who have been wondering what I have been doing for the last year, here is the answer:

1st photo: Dolls all packed away.

Blog1 Moving Dolls

Moving: packing dolls away.

Do you remember how long it takes to pack up a household to move? Well, now I do. And what about all these dollies to carefully wrap and pack away. And after the move. WHAT? RENOVATIONS… NOooooo!!!!!


2nd photo: Painting of the Studio

Blog2 Studio Reno.


3rd photo: I am cleaning and painting the fireplace in white.

Blog3 Studio Reno.

Painting: fireplace in studio.

4th photo: Complete renovation of what will be StudioB/Office

Blog4 Office reno.

StudioB-Office Renovation

And this is just my new art corner. The whole house had to be completely renovated. Now you can understand why I haven’t been painting too many dolls lately. I was too busy painting everything else!

Later on, in the coming year, I will show you the after pictures of my new studio. For now I just want to relax and go paint. :o)

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